Positive Affirmations

15 Days Daily Positive Affirmations

I came across a 15 day challenge that look place in 2014 where a number of participants  gathered to practice positive affirmations for 15 days. Although the challenge is now over, I have the option to participate at any time . I am so excited to do so and where are my results. Reclaiming our…

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4 life lessons Jim Rohn

4 Must Learn Life Lessons from Jim Rohn I was at work when I received a call from my Daughter.  Mum, we’ve got no Broadband, can you fix it? I unleashed my technical skills on them and asked if they had restarted and checked the cables and connection to the router were secure. So as…

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3 Start Up Tips

3 start up tips

My Top 3 Start Up Tips For New Business Owners Growing a business can be very overwhelming and I should know.  You do come up with a lot of stumbling blocks which can lead you to want to give up sometimes.  Luck for you I am on that journey and happy to share some nuggets.…

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New Blogger

Are you a new blogger stuck in a rut?

You are new to blogging, you have consumed all this information and you are excited to share on your blog.   You are proud of yourself that your blog is up and running and you realize that there is more work to do. You know that you should be posting content consistently but the fact…

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FREE SNAPCHAT TRAINING – The Trending app for 2016

Snapchat will be huge in 2016! I always thought that Snapchat was for kids and but it is hard to ignore the potential anymore. I used to think the same about WhatsApp and now it is a tool used for personal and businesses.  It is hard to ignore the evolution of Snapchat and how you…

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3 Reasons Why every Home Business should invest in a Website

Do you want to kick start your Home Business? You have started your business but struggling to grow or market it, or would like to your own business but do not know where to start. I started my own business fully excited but was soon burnt out and stagnant.  Have to tell you that approaching…

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