3 Start Up Tips

3 start up tips

My Top 3 Start Up Tips For New Business Owners

Growing a business can be very overwhelming and I should know.  You do come up with a lot of stumbling blocks which can lead you to want to give up sometimes.  Luck for you I am on that journey and happy to share some nuggets.

If you are anything like me, you like to consume content but get stuck in perfection paralysis and perfect inaction. In my case it seemed like I was going around in circles. I did not know what it was but felt like there was a missing bit to the puzzle.

I had all the parts and tools collected but had no idea how to put it all together

Below are my biggest takes away when starting up.

·        Always Invest In Yourself


“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job” – Jim Rohn.

OMG this was a biggie. I have learned that you are your biggest asset that needs to be nurtured.

Do not skimp out on this step. To succeed you must Grow into the person that is successful. It can also be time consuming to rely on freebies especially if you value quality over quantity.

As you invest time and money in yourself, you begin to uncover your potential and develop the gifts and talents and capabilities that lie within that you never knew you had.

It is an on-going task of mind-set, soul searching, developing skillset and overall looking deep in yourself. It is the kind of work that has no certificate of excellence.

It is also important to surround yourself with likeminded people and communities.

Since there in information overload, you will have to try different courses or businesses until you find one that is in alignment with your values.  You it is very difficult to do this on your own.

I am a member of several communities that serve different purposes.

I am a believer in trying out things for myself.  If you would like to try out a membership of an online university that it helping hundreds of people crush it in their businesses then check it out here.

 “Formal education will make you a living; Self education will make you a fortune” – Jim Rohn

·        Have A Vision 


“Where there is no vision, the people perish” – Proverb 29:18.

This is one area that I got confused and mixed up in the beginning.  I was confusing Vision with goals and that got me stuck.  I now look at Vision as a Destination and Goals as a Roadmap.

You cannot set off to a journey with no destination in mind as you will end up anywhere.

You see the Vision is the what you want whereas Goals are how you will get there.  The mistake that I made and was that I was already thinking of how I would get there and you cannot have a compelling vision that way.

So go ahead and create a massive vision.  One question that I find helpful when creating a massive vision

If I had all the money in the world, what would I do and more importantly who do I need to become?

Once you have this then you can set goals and strategies and resources

·        Take Action Consistently


You have to show up consistently and share your message.  Do not overthink this one, this was sure a hard one for me and I am still working on it.  You have to take action consistently, just sharing your message authentically.  When you do this from flow and within, you connect with the right audience and your true tribe.

Of course there a lot more tips but these are the ones that I find essential.

Below are some realisations that that I came across.

I realized that I was jumping straight to strategy without a clear outcome expected.

I realized that it is 80% Phycology and 20 % Strategy

I realized that I was looking externally for the answer instead of nurturing and uncovering what is already within and in alignment.

I realized that it is an on-going journey and bound to make mistakes and come across.

I realized that I cannot do it alone and have to get the help from and invest in mentors, systems and networks.

I realized that I have to take action just and not ponder too much.

I do hope that this has inspired or helped you and would love to hear your views.


Harriet xxx

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