Positive Affirmations

15 Days Daily Positive Affirmations

I came across a 15 day challenge that look place in 2014 where a number of participants  gathered to practice positive affirmations for 15 days.

Although the challenge is now over, I have the option to participate at any time . I am so excited to do so and where are my results.

Reclaiming our power,

Healing ourselves,

Loving ourselves,

Knowing ourselves –

These phrases are becoming more

And more common.  Why?

Because they are the pathways to our own freedom and happiness

-Young Pueblo


Day 1 –[New Beginning]


Today is a brand new day

My Past does not define me

My future is mine to create.


Thoughts are things and the way we think affects our actions and beliefs.

Today is a brand new day so I am going to live it to the fullest and be present.

As Eckhart Tolle says that NOW, the PRESENT MOMENT is all there is.

The past and the future are all NOW.  The future will be now and when you recall the past you are actually reliving it in the NOW.

I may have tried and not succeeded yet in setting up an online business before, but so have many successful entrepreneurs today

All of us make mistakes and it is the mistakes that make us stronger and wiser.

I shall learn from my past failure so I will be more successful in my next endeavour.


The forces

of the universe

support those who

work at healing


  • Yung Pueblo


I am so fulfilled, grateful and happy!

I feel incredible inside and outside and I am so grateful to have such amazing divine energy!

I learn new stuff every single day, Financially, Academically, Technically and Spiritually!

I am so proud of how I show up every single day!

I get to live life everyday entirely from FLOW and intuition!

I attract soulmate, incredibly rich, hot, successful and inspiring friends!

I have so much fun with my business and life!

I allow myself to RECIEVE easily!

I KNOW I am born to succeed all the way big – and I am already doing IT!

I am surrounded by abundance and joy!

I am making a massive positive impact.

I am so happy and grateful that I am incredibly discerning.

I am protected, peaceful and Loved!

I am spreading Love, peace and Joy to others!

I am living my soul true purpose, my life’s message!

Everything is perfect as it is!

I commit to showing up every single day, to living a meaningful, highest conscious life of my creation!


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